Skins, customizations, visual styles and other stuff.

Classic Shell

Classic Shell brings back the classic start menu for Windows Vista and Seven. It also adds lots of customization options, and skin support. Here are the skins I have made for it.

* ClrSharp1 Classic
* ClrSharp2 Glass
* ClrSharp3 Dual


Pebble is a range of smartwatches with an always-on screen and a week long battery life. The company went bankrupt in the end of 2006.

* W800 Watchface - A watchface built to resemble the Casio W800H range of digital watches

Sony PSP

Sony Playstation Portable, a handheld games console.

* Material Design Tiny White - Theme based on the Material Design icon set.

Sony PS Vita

Another Sony handheld games console.

* VA-11 HALL-A Theme 2 - A chill theme made based on the VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartending Action game assets.


Drawings, photographs etc can be found here.

Planets and Space
Planet1 thumbnail

My first picture ever with Photoshop, done following a tutorial by Alpha-Leader.

Velocity Field Mockup

Game main menu mockup made using Planet1

Blinkenlichten warning sign.

Print these out and stick to any devices that you don't want people poking.